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A Brazilian native, Raphael came to the US to further his career as a film composer in 2012.


His experience as a session musician and record producer back in Brazil opened the doors for a position as the lead composer for the first film studio on the big island of Hawaii

(Global Virtual Studios). During his seven years in Hawaii, Raphael scored multiple projects, from feature films to documentaries, commercials, and video games.


In 2019 Raphael moved to Los Angeles to expand his career.

Raphael’s first feature film, Finding Josef, got international recognition and since then he has written scores for a wide variety of films including Lost Kites, Time Well Spent, and Sequela. He has also composed for TV shows such as Rachael Ray, Dr. Phil, and ET.

His world music background and jazz influence mixed with orchestral elements and sound design make his music a unique combination of colors and sounds.

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